Nexus offers cost-effective peer group learning and support, optimising the performance and quality of life of SME business leaders in the East Midlands.

About Us

Based in the East Midlands, Nexus is for business leaders and owners of SMEs who want to grow their organisation whilst maintaining a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.

Under the guidance of the experienced Chair, John Williams, at our monthly meetings we support and challenge one another to get the most from life and business within a confidential and collaborative environment. We benefit from the experience and broad skill sets of our established group and welcome fresh perspective from new members and through sessions delivered by leading subject matter experts.

Our cost-effective membership includes:

  • Monthly group meetings (full day)
  • Monthly one-to-one coaching sessions (2 hours)
  • Regular speaker sessions (alternate monthly meetings)
  • Annual retreat (2-3 days)
  • Access to a confidential member portal (for sharing and practical resources)
  • Integrated learning opportunities for member direct reports and managers

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Members' Views

People look for good company because they know it brings out their best. The Nexus group is good company. John Williams and the group have helped me grow my business from £5m to £50m whilst remaining honest and true to myself.

David Woodhead, Woodhead Construction

Small photograph of David Woodhead

Nexus keeps my feet to the fire, teaching, training and equipping me with both business and personal decisions. Meeting with my group every month is like having a group of non-executive directors advising, questioning and encouraging me on my business – invaluable input.

Dan Turner, Bunches

Small photograph of Dan Turner

To have survived the recession, most SMEs are robust, agile and lean. Continuous learning, development and then the application of this learning with cascading has never been more of a competitive advantage. Through Nexus and the coaching skills of John Williams, Alltruck plc has been transformed and the renewal process becomes continuous.

Paul Robinson, Alltruck plc

Small photograph of Paul Robinson Woodhead

I learnt something from a speaker session in my third meeting that has paid for my membership every year since.

Andy Cripps, APC Accountants

Small photograph of Andy Cripps

As owner-manager of a relatively small but fast growing business, I particularly value the skills and experience of the other Nexus members plus they hold me accountable for goals and decisions.

Small photograph of Jacqui Mason

Integrated Learning

Aspire Group

Open to high performing direct reports of Nexus members, the Aspire group meets bi-monthly as a separate group, also under the Chairmanship of John Williams.

The full day meetings include morning sessions from leading subject matter experts and the opportunity to discuss issues and challenges. Members also receive monthly one to one sessions and coaching, and work closely with the Chair and Nexus members to embed the learning.

Gateway Group

A group of managers from Nexus companies who together learn, develop, inspire and challenge fellow members on how to improve their personal and business performance.

Facilitated by Adam Harris, there are six full day meetings per year with a high calibre speaker taking the morning session. Afternoons are partly to embed learning from speaker sessions but also to share best practice across businesses and widen the members' experience outside their own company. Coaching can also be included by arrangement.